Clitheroe Advertiser – Melvin went to Iceland…for some hot pics – 10/11/2016

Photographer reveals secrets of his success behind the camera

Melvin Nicholson on location in Scotland

An inspirational photographer was in the frame to pass on some top advice to budding snappers.

Melvin Nicholson was the guest of Ribblesdale Camera Club and he took along a selection of work from his own personal collection. Melvin's approach is to think through the best kind of light to suit the subject, often leading to spectacular dawns and sunsets.

His idea of a typical photographic mission is to drive to Northumberland or Scotland in the evening after the traffic has quietened, have a few hours sleep in his car and set the alarm for before first light.

Particularly striking was a series of night photographs of the Falkirk Wheel and a selection of lighthouses, bridges and rivers were given new life and interest.

To disprove the theory that his photography was good because he knew every rocky seashore and valley in the British mountains in detail, Melvin, who runs a series of workshops, showed a series of stunning pictures he had taken in Iceland just a few days before... on his first visit there.

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