Guest Presentation – Florida Birdlife – CAT 16-01-18

Kitty and Geoff Walsh - Florida Birdlife

It was probably a lot warmer in Florida than in Grindleton on Tuesday night, but nature photographers  Kitty and Geoff Walsh brought their own warmth with them. Members of the Chorley Club, their photography was of the highest quality, National Geographic magazine having publishing a number of their photographs.

They were a little reluctant to visit Florida at first but are now regular commuters. The best time is December and January for the arrival of the migrating birds; April and May are the months for nesting.  However the otters, crocodiles, racoons and many other animals are around at all times. However, the sun is too hot in the summer months for comfort.

Extraordinary photographs by Geoff settled a controversy which had been around for many years. There were reports of otters successfully attacking crocodiles, but most people did not believe it was possible. Geoff was in the right place at the right time and his photograph has been used by National Geographic no less than five times. Amusingly, a visitor with his family was noisily dismissive of the possibility and finally said he would like to meet the man who took the picture. Kitty, who was standing nearby, said quietly. “He’s over there, why not speak to him!”

February starts with folios from the Inter-Club Photographic Alliance and the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union. The club meets at 7:30 on Tuesdays at the Grindleton Pavilion. Photographic enthusiasts are invited to come and see what the club does before deciding to join.

Camera Club’s new format for competition entries – CAT 07-12-2017

Dance Trio by Clare Drew.

Dance Trio by Clare Drew CPAGB.

Competitions at Ribblesdale Camera Club were felt to be victims of their own success as the high standard of many competition entries were a bit daunting for new members and the inexperienced, writes Ken Geddes.

The club decided to divide their projected images into two groups, “A” and “B” – the “A” for those who took their competitions very seriously and the “B” for those who just wanted to show the club what they do and get a few useful tips from the judge.

Cold at New Brighton by Garry Williamson.

Cold at New Brighton by Garry Williamson.

The two classes have self selection and there is no promotion or relegation. Just different approaches. This new format was judged by Dave Bibby from Cleveleys. The prints section was won by chairman Steve Proctor with Boatman and the Navvy with Clare Drew’s Dance Trio in second place. Group A of the Projected Digital Images (PDI’s for short!) was won by Gary Williamson’s witty Cold at New Brighton, while Lesley Marklew’s remarkable shot of a space age window cleaner – Reaching Out was a very worthy winner of Group B.

The club meets at The Pavilion, Grindleton, on Tuesday nights at 7-30pm.

Reaching Out by Lesley Marklew.

Reaching Out by Lesley Marklew.

On December 12th, the Lancashire and Cheshire Union’s Folio of the best prints from their 2017 competition will be shown.

Triptych Evening 26.09.2017

Three female members of Ribblesdale and District Camera Club swept the board at the competition evening held on Tuesday 26 September.

This was the first of the new season’s competitions and members had to enter a panel of 3 images which, in some respects, should complement each other. There was a difference this year since not only could 3 prints be entered but also 3 digital images which would be shown together. 

All of those members who had not attempted this before expressed their satisfaction in having developed their skills to achieve that.

The winners were all digital images and the overall winner was the youngest member of the club, Laura Nutter.

Laura's three, very emotive, black and white images were based on the song The Sound of Silence and her locations ranged from Downham to Liverpool.

In second place was Denise Sanderson’s ‘Bunny Hop’; 3 images of a cyclist performing a particularly tricky manoeuvre.

Third place was taken by Francine Critchley with 3 very colourful images of young Esme in a red gingham dress against a backdrop of solid yellow flowers.

The Sound of Silence

Bunny Hop


Camera Club Plans for New Season

Ribblesdale Camera Club’s plans for the winter season were discussed by members of the clubs committee and it was decided to introduce several new ideas, writes Ken Geddes.

The programme will be a mixture of talks, folios of the best competition entries in the area, club competitions and practical evenings, including portraiture and still life.

Competitions for prints and digital projections in both colour and black and white will be considered by judges from the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Unions list - but as an experiment, possibly one competition will be assessed by a professional photographer or journalist.

Many people like competitions as they like to see their images discussed and graded by experts as well as compete for annual trophies.

However, others would prefer just to hear the opinions on their work and tips for improvement, without the competitive element. This will encourage new members as well as imaginative or experimental images, not normal competition material. There is room for both groups on the same evening. Other evenings will feature guest expert photographers showing their work, as well as members giving shorter contributions.

The club meets at 7-30pm in the Pavilion at Grindleton every Tuesday evening (except Halloween) from September 12th to May 8th.

New members will be made very welcome, whatever their cameras or abilities.


We won this years ICPA Annual PDI Competition with 70 points, receiving The Frank Sellers Trophy, the following images were used for our entry.

ICPA Colour Print 2017

We came 7th in this years ICPA Annual Colour Print Competition with 54 points, the winners, Chorley Photographic Society, receiving 72 points, the following images were used for our entry.

ICPA Mono Print 2017

We came 6th in this years ICPA Annual Mono Print Competition with 62 points, this year the results were very close with the winners, Nelson Camera Club getting 67 points, the following images were used for our entry.


Clitheroe Advertiser – 25-05-17

Talented local photographers have been celebrating success after coming tops in a regional competition. A number of budding photographers, who are all members of Ribblesdale & District Camera club, have earned successes in the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Unions annual individual competitions. They were up against some of the very best photographers not only in the county, but also in the UK to achieve their respective merits. Clitheroe teenager, Laura Nutter, claimed a very impressive first place as the Young Photographer of the Year with a series of black and white images. The judges were so impressed that they have chosen Laura's images to go for selection to represent Great Britain in the upcoming FIAP Biennial world competition in the Young Photographer of the Year category. Laura has been with the club now for a couple of years and regularly enters competitions and supports the club.

Beneath the Streetlamp - Laura Nutter

Adorned - Steve Proctor

Abraham from Lincoln - Gary Williamson

Remembrance - Laura Nutter

The Boatman and the Navvy - Steve Proctor

Calm Before the Call - Gary Williamson

Chairman of the camera club, Steve Proctor was placed fifth in the Photographer of the Year competition among some highly-respected  competitors from the northern counties many of whom represent the UK in prestigious exhibitions and competitions. This entry required a set of 12 digital images and 12 prints. Gary Williamson also represented the club favourably by finishing in eighth place in the colour print category. These placings were keenly competed by over 250 photographers who entered their very best images from their year's work. Ribblesdale and District Camera club held its presentation night at the Calf's Head in Worston, where the best images of the season were rewarded with a range of trophies in recognition of the photographer's skill. The awards were shared out between eight members with Steve Proctor winning the Photographer of the Year title for the third successive year, Jason Merrin winning the digital section and Clare Drew the print section.

Clitheroe Advertiser – Gary Williamson, Photographer – 16-03-17

Ribblesdale Camera Club have members with many different experiences but are united by their love of photography.

One of the most successful is Gary Williamson who, remarkably, is registered blind - although he has two jobs, a Disabled Support Worker by day and a youth worker by night.

Gary was talking about his photography at the last meeting but the topic became wider than just that. He described how he was in Gibraltar when suddenly he found he couldn’t see clearly and with very little money in his pocket had to hitch-hike back to Clitheroe. Doing this successfully gave him the confidence to live close to a normal life. In particular, to become a serious amateur photographer.

His talk was titled “Street Photography”, but concentrated largely on festivals, such as the Goth Festival at Whitby, the Steam Punk Festival at Lincoln and the Horse Fair at Appleby.

His interest is in people but also in the indirect things like their shadows and the patterns of people lying in the sun, each with their own area of grass.

His talk ended with a strong message: it’s not acceptable to offend by photographing without permission and it’s not acceptable to treat people as inanimate objects, however  they are dressed. Introduce yourself, ask permission and although the girl may be the most attractive to photograph, make sure her boyfriend is not left out! Always be polite and offer copies of the best pictures: a business card is helpful and reassuring and allows contact. All things which camera club members should be aware of - but it’s helpful to be reminded.

Ribblesdale Camera Club meets on Tuesday nights in The Pavilion, Grindleton. Everybody is welcome, whatever their photographic capabilities and interests. It is not even necessary to have a camera! Come for a few meetings before joining!