Portrait Night

On February 18th 2020 Graham Currey visited us as part of our portrait night where our members captured a range of images. Graham brought his Cowboy and Marshall outfits along with various props and there was a good turn out of camera wielding members. Below are some images captured along with a ‘behind the scenes‘ shot.

RDCC Exhibition

Ribblesdale Camera Club are proudly exhibiting their work in the new display area at Clitheroe Library. The club have worked closely with the library to enable this and we must thank Graham for his persistence in seeing this through. We have currently got 38 prints on display which will remain throughout 2019 and the prints will be replaced for January 2020 with a fresh selection. We have tried to cover as many members as possible and if you have submitted prints for inclusion you will be represented during the exhibition.

Leyland Exhibition Invitation

Leyland Photographic Society will be running the Leyland Invitation Photographic Exhibition once again this year. The exhibition is scheduled to take place at the South Ribble Museum and Exhibition Centre as it has in previous years. The Exhibition will open on the 26th of November and run until the 20th of December. The official opening will take place on Saturday the 30th of November.
Last season our members did very well in the exhibition with a number of acceptances gained along with a prize winner. Each individual’s entry will consist of up to 3 mounted prints at a cost of £4 per entry (not per print). The closing date for entries will be the 18th of October.

ICPA 19 Results

Results are just in from the annual ICPA competitions.
We have managed a creditable 5th place in the Arthur Clayton Rosebowl but slipped to 9th in the Toulmin Shield and Frank Sellars Trophy, this is a slight improvement from last year. As the competition features two print sections we are somewhat limited by the number of members entering prints these days so please consider entering a few more prints this year. The tables are shown below…

Torrevieja and Tri-Club Battles Agreed

We are pleased to announce that the annual battles with our friends in Spain and more locally in Blackburn and Darwen have been diarised again for this season. These have been well supported in terms of images and also in attendance both home and away and we hope this continues. We are responsible for hosting both of these events, please see the club programme for dates.

There are a number of changes to the battles as follows:

Torrevieja will now compromise of 25 images per club rather than the 20 used previously. This will create opportunity for more members to represent the club.

Blackburn and Darwen will now include prints for the first time to allow members to have their work seen how they want it. We have agreed this in principle and will allow up to 10 prints to be entered without setting a lower limit on the number as we don’t want to force this on anybody.

Website Update – July 2019

Welcome to the new look club website. We have made a few cosmetic changes to give the pages a fresh new look and have made some changes to the way the website works. Hopefully you will find this fairly intuitive. The links to what we believe are the most important and most visited areas are now featured on buttons at the bottom of the home page. We have also begun to add events to the calendar and these will include the club programme and other items associated with the L&CPU, ICPA plus some photographic opportunities.
Please have a look and let us know what you think and how it can be improved. Enjoy.

Guest Presentation – Florida Birdlife – CAT 16-01-18

Kitty and Geoff Walsh - Florida Birdlife

It was probably a lot warmer in Florida than in Grindleton on Tuesday night, but nature photographers  Kitty and Geoff Walsh brought their own warmth with them. Members of the Chorley Club, their photography was of the highest quality, National Geographic magazine having publishing a number of their photographs.

They were a little reluctant to visit Florida at first but are now regular commuters. The best time is December and January for the arrival of the migrating birds; April and May are the months for nesting.  However the otters, crocodiles, racoons and many other animals are around at all times. However, the sun is too hot in the summer months for comfort.

Extraordinary photographs by Geoff settled a controversy which had been around for many years. There were reports of otters successfully attacking crocodiles, but most people did not believe it was possible. Geoff was in the right place at the right time and his photograph has been used by National Geographic no less than five times. Amusingly, a visitor with his family was noisily dismissive of the possibility and finally said he would like to meet the man who took the picture. Kitty, who was standing nearby, said quietly. “He’s over there, why not speak to him!”

February starts with folios from the Inter-Club Photographic Alliance and the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union. The club meets at 7:30 on Tuesdays at the Grindleton Pavilion. Photographic enthusiasts are invited to come and see what the club does before deciding to join.

Camera Club’s new format for competition entries – CAT 07-12-2017

Dance Trio by Clare Drew.

Dance Trio by Clare Drew CPAGB.

Competitions at Ribblesdale Camera Club were felt to be victims of their own success as the high standard of many competition entries were a bit daunting for new members and the inexperienced, writes Ken Geddes.

The club decided to divide their projected images into two groups, “A” and “B” – the “A” for those who took their competitions very seriously and the “B” for those who just wanted to show the club what they do and get a few useful tips from the judge.

Cold at New Brighton by Garry Williamson.

Cold at New Brighton by Garry Williamson.

The two classes have self selection and there is no promotion or relegation. Just different approaches. This new format was judged by Dave Bibby from Cleveleys. The prints section was won by chairman Steve Proctor with Boatman and the Navvy with Clare Drew’s Dance Trio in second place. Group A of the Projected Digital Images (PDI’s for short!) was won by Gary Williamson’s witty Cold at New Brighton, while Lesley Marklew’s remarkable shot of a space age window cleaner – Reaching Out was a very worthy winner of Group B.

The club meets at The Pavilion, Grindleton, on Tuesday nights at 7-30pm.

Reaching Out by Lesley Marklew.

Reaching Out by Lesley Marklew.

On December 12th, the Lancashire and Cheshire Union’s Folio of the best prints from their 2017 competition will be shown.

Triptych Evening 26.09.2017

Three female members of Ribblesdale and District Camera Club swept the board at the competition evening held on Tuesday 26 September.

This was the first of the new season’s competitions and members had to enter a panel of 3 images which, in some respects, should complement each other. There was a difference this year since not only could 3 prints be entered but also 3 digital images which would be shown together. 

All of those members who had not attempted this before expressed their satisfaction in having developed their skills to achieve that.

The winners were all digital images and the overall winner was the youngest member of the club, Laura Nutter.

Laura's three, very emotive, black and white images were based on the song The Sound of Silence and her locations ranged from Downham to Liverpool.

In second place was Denise Sanderson’s ‘Bunny Hop’; 3 images of a cyclist performing a particularly tricky manoeuvre.

Third place was taken by Francine Critchley with 3 very colourful images of young Esme in a red gingham dress against a backdrop of solid yellow flowers.

The Sound of Silence

Bunny Hop