Online Learning Resources

Below are a list of online resources that include videos, demonstrations, techniques, etc. You will be to have a connection to the internet to be able to access these links.

PiXimperfect This YouTube channel offers many techniques, primarily for Photoshop, covering basic editing right through to some fairly advanced stuff. It is updated several times week with new features and is well worth checking out.

Adobe Photoshop, not surprisingly another Photoshop channel, this one  offers ‘1 minute techniques’ together with explanations of the software on a more in depth manner.

Chorley Photographic Society, one of our local groups that regularly shares camera and software techniques along with many local photographic locations.

Academy of Photography: Photography techniques for studios, models, poses, and lighting

Adobe Creative Cloud: Access to all Adobe software

Adobe TV: Tutorials for all Adobe software

Adorama: Gear reviews and photo techniques with your camera

Anthony Morganti: Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials

Brian Matiash: Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials

Dave Morrow: Landscape photography techniques

David Noton: Landscape photography techniques

David Thorpe: Micro 4 Thirds gear reviews

DPReview: news, Gear reviews, Field tests

f64 Academy: Photoshop comprehensive tutorials

Gavin Hoey: Photography skills and techniques

Glyn Dewis: Photoshop techniques

Joseph Ellis: Micro 4 Thirds gear techniques and skills

KelbyOne: All encompassing Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials

Mark Denney: Landscape photography skills and tips

Matt Kloskowski: Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials

Nigel Danson: Landscape photography techniques and skills

Photoshop Training Channel: Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop Café: Photoshop tutorials

Robin Whalley: Detailed Photo editing for Lightroom,Photoshop,Luminar,
OnOne, and Nik software

Sean Tucker: Photography skills for Street and Portrait photography

Shutterbug: News and Gear reviews

Simon Baxter: Landscape photography skills and techniques

The Camera Store: News and Gear reviews

Thomas Heaton: Landscape photography skills and techniques

Tony & Chelsea Northrup: Gear reviews,Library of Camera set-up tutorials for most cameras

Fashion Photography Tips: Simple tips for beginners, recommended by a young local photographer.